Partnering with Those That Trust Us to Walk with Them on Their Journey to Healing, Wholeness, & Freedom!

GBTM exists to provide a safe space for creatives, and your partnership makes that possible!

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Whether you’re sponsoring a victimized woman in our “Her New L.E.A.F.” Program or Providing art supplies for the Creatives in our “COLLIDEascope” program,  your gift will go where you can’t – and when it gets there, it’s going to change lives in a MAJOR way!

We are all about doing LIFE CHANGING work for those that trust us to serve them! Please help us do this work by joining our “Monarch Society”. When you give to Wind Beneath Our Wings, be it $10 each month or $1,000, you champion the cause of every Creative looking to find healing, wholeness, and freedom here in THE MOVEMENT. Connect with us today and become a Monarch! 

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Our Culture Points

ArtistryWe communicate in Living Color!  Everything we do is of an artistic nature, with great emphasis on CREATIVITY!!

Love – It is THEE essential thing.  We love EVERYONE, no matter WHAT!

Loyalty – We are fully committed to our cause, to those we serve, and to those who choose to serve with us.

Integrity – We are who we say we are, and we stand for who we stand for both in public and in private!



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Volunteerism: The Lifeblood of Non-Profits!

When you give of your time, talents, and finances, you impact lives in UNIMAGINABLE ways!!  We are always looking for those who share our heart to serve, to link arms with us in service to our communities! Please, join our email list TODAY to learn about all of the incredible opportunities, and the great need we have for your service!

"In those moments when I'm looking into the faces of people that have trusted me to walk with them on their journey and I'm speaking or singing words that bring peace & light, I'm overwhelmed by the fact that THIS is what God gifted me to do! That's the premise behind our mission here at GBTM - Healing, Wholeness, and Freedom! - and we're coming to meet you RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!"
Matelyn Alicia
Founder & CEO