Programs That Impact Positive Change!

Her New L.E.A.F. 9 Month Life Transformation Program

Our Flagship Program, His/Her New L.E.A.F. is comprised of three major components: Education, Empowerment, and Equipping.  Each component is designed with great attention to detail, yet easily tailored to the individual needs of each Creative being served. Collectively, these components work together to embody the holistic nature of the GBTM organization. Our 9-month program presents a very unique opportunity to its participants; The opportunity to build job, life, and relationship skills while simultaneously receiving the mental, emotional and spiritual support necessary for their individual success. This 3-phase program, is facilitated by a team of licensed clinicians, certified professionals, and a host of faithful volunteers, because we realize that reaching New Levels, New Endeavors, & New Achievements through New Focus is a TEAM EFFORT!

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The Cocoon Hatch Art Therapy Program

As a supplement to pre-existing therapeutic and or medical treatment, GBTM offers Music, Sound, Dance, Yoga, Visual, Performing, and even Color therapy administered by certified Art Therapy Administrators (ATA). This holistic alternative to traditional therapy has proven to be effective in the treatment of chronic mental process disorders, mental and behavioral health issues, as well as pain management among those in hospice and other long term care facilities. Working alongside school counselors, our ATAs also work with students who find it difficult to learn and or focus in traditional classroom settings.

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Did you know that a group of Butterflies is called a “Kaleidoscope“? We couldn’t possibly think of a better name for the program that brings the  talents of Creatives near & far – CRASHING together!!!  This is the Art Advocacy & Education Program that we take into schools, day care centers, summer camps, and the like. We advocate for our Creatives by cultivating the very best of their artistry and we educate them  in a variety of ways.  Be it voice instruction, improvisation exercises, photography, or songwriting we are developing artists and providing a platform from which they can express artistically! 

This program is the major beneficiary  of our annual “Ill Make Me A World Summit.  We strongly believe that the arts play a vital role in the mission of drug & violence prevention – specifically among our youth.  Based on that belief, the purpose of the I.M.M.A.W. Summit is to educate, inform, and empower our community in a way that prepares us to take action!  In alignment with the African Proverb, “it takes a village”, the Summit is for our stakeholders – students, parents, educators, and community leaders.  Designed to speak to current and relevant issues, the vision is that we leave with plans of action for change and the tools necessary to  implement those plans in a way that leads to healthier villages.

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